Car Wrecks

Do call 911 if you are involved in an accident.

Do seek medical treatment for injuries. If you are hurt in a serious accident, don’t be your own doctor.

Do call an experienced attorney after an accident where there is injury or death. The sooner you have a qualified, experienced attorney working for you, the better. Evidence can disappear, witnesses can leave town and memories or recollections of events can change or fade.

Do keep accurate records. Keep them yourself or have a family member help you. Keep medical records, police reports, names of witnesses and insurance companies, bills and photographs of the accident scene.

Do keep a mobile phone handy when travelling in case you are hurt in an accident. Use it to call the police or 911 for medical attention, and then call a friend or family member for help.

Do use your mobile phone to take photos or video of the accident.

Don’t be talked into not calling the police.

Don’t give recorded statements.

Don’t speak to the other driver or their insurance company until you have spoken with a qualified attorney.

Don’t move if you have been injured in an accident. Wait for help to arrive. Once in the hands of medical personnel, your next call should be to a legal professional.

Don’t sign anything without talking to an experienced lawyer. If you are hurt in a serious accident, you may be compelled to sign something. Signing certain documents may take away part of your compensation.

Don’t be fooled by an insurance company. An experienced lawyer can help you sort through all processes.

Don’t use your mobile phone to text or do anything that will distract you while driving.

Don’t settle your case until you know your rights.

Don’t assume the term “full coverage” means everything is covered. Always check to see if you have every type of insurance coverage.