Why Hire Jack Bailey Law Corporation

  • Our clients have been awarded more than $1 Billion in settlements and verdicts.
  • We don’t back down, we fight for all that you deserve.
  • We still return every phone call, even after three decades of successfully representing the injured.
  • You don’t have to know the law—that’s our job.
  • We have many years of successful experience in every aspect of settling and litigating injured people’s cases.
  • We let you know what your fees are going to be from the very first consultation – and they don’t change.
  • You pay no fee at all if we are not successful in settling or trying your case.
  • Our firm handles all aspects of cases involving the injured, including auto accidents, wrongful death, offshore injuries and workers’ compensation.
  • We handle more workers’ compensation injury cases than any other North Louisiana law firm.
  • We have the financial resources and experience to fight and win for you!

Setbacks In Life Can Happen To Anyone.

When They Do, We Want To Be There To Fight For You.

The Jack Bailey Law Corporation has the financial resources and expertise to help you get the compensation you deserve. Our clients are treated as individuals, not case numbers in a file cabinet. While other law firms may turn clients away when a case seems impossible, we work to exhaustively research and evaluate your case to make sure every area of concern is covered. With an incredibly successful history spanning more than three decades, there are countless reasons as to why you should hire us. We have thousands of satisfied clients who have collectively been awarded more than $1 Billion dollars in settlements and verdicts! Choose your best chance at compensation and set up your free consultation today by clicking here.

We have one office, in one location. We live and work in this community — and we are here to help. We are in Northwest Louisiana, not New Orleans or Baton Rouge, like some of the heavy advertisers.

We are here, local. Your visit to our office will be with who you hire.

The Jack Bailey Law Corporation does not use a staff of inexperienced lawyers. who do not know how to take a case to trial if necessary. Our attorneys have been trained and mentored by me personally.

Why Hire Jack Bailey Law Corporation because we are personal, hard-working, determined, and experienced.