A: We open all of our client’s cases with the mind-set that we will have to go to trial. This is how you get a fair settlement or result. All of our case management and file administration is geared toward that end. Showing the insurance companies that we are prepared from the beginning, is an invaluable tool to reach settlement. Settling a case can be the better outcome, especially when the fact situation is good (such as a rear-end collision = gut cinch liability) so that the only real area of argument is only what the fair settlement value is. Our job is to leave no stone uncovered in listing, enumerating and assigning a just value to every aspect of the damages you have incurred. A case must be taken to trial only because one, or both sides just have grossly different ideas about the level of damages, or because liability is unclear. Going to trial is an expensive exercise, especially if by jury trial.

You make the final decision after we answer all of your questions and give you our best advice.