Official Mascot of Jack Bailey Law Corporation

Tater, the official mascot of Jack Bailey Law Corporation, was adopted by a loving family at 10 months of age. He has an incredible work ethic, accompanying his humans to the office daily and assisting in his designated tasks; some menial like keeping watch over the sofa in the big guy’s office and making sure the humans are entertained during their work breaks. More importantly, Tater helps make certain that all who visit Jack Bailey Law Corporation offices are properly welcomed, and he extends his welcoming nature into the community to reassure all that he and his humans intend to make a real difference in the lives of those who live and work here.

Be reassured that the Jack Bailey Law Corporation office is first and foremost concerned with our client’s comfort. Tater is a friendly mascot and means no harm, but we are always willing to put Tater or any of his friend dogs in kennels for the comfort of clients and visitors.

Tater on YouTube